Puerto Mogan & Playa Mogán Makes Up The Idyllic Holiday Resort       Puerto de Mogán. Mogan is an Absolute Gem Amongst Hotel Slums of Gran Canaria. If You Like to Party it is Not for You, But if You Like Peace & Quiet in Really Lovely & Idyllic Surroundings Then Look No Further! 

We Like To Think That There is Pockets Of Light Springing Up in Different Parts Of The World, That in a Way is Invincible Planets on This Planet, Mogan is One of Them. 

The Best Weather in The World - Puerto de Mogan

The Weather in Puerto Mogan is considered the most pleasant in the world according to this study - in the study they focused on Las Palmas, the capital.                             Funny fact: Puerto de Mogans weather is even better - not just a little bit, but actually quite a lot. Let me explain: The south of Gran Canaria is particularly sunny thanks to the high centre of the island. It blocks the wind and the clouds coming from the north, creating a pocket of clear air, what we call microclimate, that’s why it’s often sunny in the south of Gran Canaria even when the rest of the island is cloudy and windy.                                             Average temperatures, Mogan: Winter 21ºC - Summer 28ºC. Wait, is it not super hot in the summer?! No, in fact its so amazingly perfect that it always baffles me why people travel to the south of continental Europe where it's just unbearably warm...

The Harbour 

Walking Trough The Harbour You Will Be Stunned By Beauty   

Somehow Puerto de Mogan has escaped the ravages of developers that have spoiled the majority of Spanish resorts. Surrounded by two storey apartments which are full of flowers and colours, the harbour is a pleasure to stroll through with its mix of shops, restaurants, and bars accompanied by flowering arches over the narrow pedestrianized streets. The houses are immaculate, covered with bursting gardens with bougainvillea, hibiscus, palm-trees, bird-of-paradise flowers and other stunningly colourful plant. With a holiday to Mogan you will also be blessed with interesting views from the channels between the marina and the fishing harbour which pass under archers in buildings and between the port and the beach. The small marina is full of boats and very interesting to stroll around. The scenery is also spectacular with towering sea cliffs and tiny rocky coves - really beautiful. Could stay in your memory for long...

La Playa de Mogán  

Small, But Relaxed Beach

Playa de Mogán is smaller than most of the other beaches located on this miniature continent, but it's relaxed. Due to the microclimate in the south-west we always have sunny and windless weather, this is good news to all the sun worshipers, a beautiful sandy beach is a real sun trap. The promenade has a range of restaurants, bars and shops which offers friendly staff and good atmosphere from all the relaxed travellers. If you feel more adventures you can swim on the other side of the bay which has very clear water which is perfect if you want to snorkel. Diving is also an amazing experience here which we really recommend you to do especially because we know how great the diving centre is. Additionally there is a lot of activity on the water everyday, ranging from sailing to parasailing amongst other fun activities. 

The Old Village 

A Place For The Locals To Show Off

With its narrow passageways and many stairs you would want to expect some kind of reward of your "effort". You will definitely be rewarded. Beauty arises in form of numerous varieties of plant life, mosaic designs, beautiful sea view, and more. If you like to know how Puerto de Mogán looks like from above, follow the signs up to the high located view point, "Mirador". From here you will be able to see the backside of the old village, the sandy beach, the atlantic ocean, mountains and you will get a good look at the harbour. Very attractive pictures will be made.